By Emma Moylan

19th March 2019

Undoubtedly the most high-profile case of a missing child which shook the public to their very core, the unsolved case of Madeleine McCann still plagues detectives and the public alike as her disappearance casts a heavy shadow over the lives of the McCann family.

With the release of an eight-part Netflix documentary re-opening the debate over the many theories of what happened to the three-year-old, we take a look at the unseen pictures of the Madeleine McCann case.

#1 Madeleine just days before her disappearance

The image, which shows Madeleine taking part in the Praia da Luz kids’ club on holiday, was taken just days before she went missing.

Image Source

Another British tourist, Neil Berry, who was staying in the same resort when Madeleine went missing, took the photograph. His daughter (also in the photograph) became friends with Madeleine over the course of the holiday.

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