By Ciara

20th March 2019

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s relationship has been at the forefront of the media as of recent – peaking with their Oscar performance just last week. We’ve all had suspicions that maybe the couple take it a little bit too far in public (poor Irina Shayk), and that possibly starring in a film together sparked something a little more than on-set romance?!

Despite denying the accusations, there is an undeniable amount of chemistry between the pair (which can DEFINITELY be seen in these candid images…).

Take a look at a journey through the relationship between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the very beginning.

Unseen Image #1

The pair were papped out in public way back in 2016 riding a motorbike.

image source

People quickly took to Twitter with uploading snapshots of the pair speculating a potential relationship between the two of them – way before the remake of A Star Is Born was announced.

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