By Angie

8th March 2019

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most important figures living in the world today. She has an army, an endless supply of money in her bank account, weekly meetings with the Prime Minister and grand dinners with Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world.

She’s England’s longest-serving monarch and an incredibly powerful woman no one wants to mess with. Despite all of this the Queen is mortal. So what will happen when she eventually passes away?

It’s a day that will eventually come but no one wants to think about. Thinking about a monarch’s death was considered treasons, and was punishable by death at one point in history. But let’s ignore that fact for a moment and consider the aftermath of the Queen’s death.

For decades a detailed plan has been in place in case of the Queen’s sudden death.

So, what will happen when that eventually happens?

The plan has been refined since the 1960s and goes into minute by minute detail. It even includes the various places where Queen Elizabeth II could pass away and what to do in those instances.

The plan even has a codeword that would only be used to inform the highest levels of Government of the Queen’s passing.

What Will Happen After The Queen Passes Away?

When the Queen eventually dies the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, will be the first person to officially know.

He would then spread the news of the Queen’s death, first contacting the prime minister. The official code for the Queen is ‘London Bridge’, so during the aftermath of her death civil servants will say that “London Bridge is down” on secure lines.

The news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II will then go from the Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre in London and will be carried out to the 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is also the head of state. The 36 other nations of the Commonwealth will also be informed of her death.

Once all key political figures are informed of the Queen’s passing the public would be the next to know.

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