By Angie

11th March 2019

We all have periods (ladies, that is), and as they are so common and a simple aspect of our lives we do not tend to take a minute to think about them. Are my cramps normal? Should I be this bloated? Is it normal for my back to feel like I’ve just carried the heaviest weight for a long period of time? The answer to those questions are yes. We all experience different symptoms due to our periods, but there are some side effects that we pretty much all suffer with – and they are not pleasant.

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It has been recently claimed that your period can be an imperative indication into how healthy you are, much like taking your blood pressure, having a blood test etc can have. A report from theĀ American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists published last year claimed that periods are crucial in determining a persons health – this is because they determine hormone levels. Hormone levels are imperative in health as they determine healthy brain functioning, your moods and your healthy reproductive cycle.

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As mentioned, we all have different cycles with different symptoms – which is totally normal. However, there are a few tell tale signs that we should all be looking out for in order to ensure we are healthy. These telltale signs can all be told from the colour of your blood. Below are 6 different shades of period blood you may be or have experienced, and what each is telling you about your body.

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