By Lucy Cooper

14th March 2019

If you’ve had your nails done by a professional, you’ll know how much of a new woman it makes you feel (and how addictive it is!) It’s an expensive habit to keep, but one that we find ourselves going back for time and time again.

‘Gels Are Better Than Acrylics?’ – WRONG

You might try and steer clear of acrylics to avoid the bad condition they leave your nails in after (but, oh do they look good). Instead you might opt for the more nail- friendly gel option which is undeniably kinder on your nails. It still leaves you with that polished, professional look and saves you from the faff of painting your own nails!

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They Are In Fact WORSE Than Acrylics

However, did you know that actually trying to save your nails from the brittle, dryness of acrylics, you could actually be doing them more harm than good?

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