By Joe Royle

5th March 2019

Who Remembers Tracy Beaker? Tracy Beaker, who lives in a children’s home A.K.A. ”The Dumping Ground” along with a group of other troubled children.  If you would like to see how much the cast of this iconic show have changed over the years then keep scrolling to see what they look like now!

1. Tracy Beaker!


Tracy Beaker is of course the main character in the show and is undoubtedly the most popular among fans. Tracy is a ten year old girl who is known for her mischievous nature and wild imagination which more often than not, lands her in a lot of trouble. She is also known for having a short temper and displaying an argumentative attitude towards those around her but in reality she is a fiercely loyal friend and is doing her best to cope with a difficult situation.

Now: Dani Harmer!

Tracy Beaker actress, Dani Harmer is now 29 years old and after leaving the show she attempted to build a career in the music industry which she later abandoned. In March 2012 she competed in Let’s Dance for Sport Relief where she reached the final and ended the show as a joint runner up.

She is currently in a committed relationship with partner Simon Brough and in 2016 the pair welcomed daughter, Avarie-Belle Betsy Rachel Brough!

2. Justine Littlewood!

Justine Littlewood and Tracy Beaker are constant rivals and do their upmost to annoy each other at any chance they get. Like Tracy, Justine is hot headed and argumentative and is often portrayed as being difficult to get along with. It is later disclosed that Justine was placed in care following the sudden death of her mother which resulted in her father being unable to take adequate care of her but still he maintained regular visits.

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