By Nick

14th March 2019

The infamous Neverland Ranch is located in California and spreads across – a rather modest – 3000 acres (we’d be lucky to get our hands on a 4x4m garden – but that’s a story for another day…).

Inevitably, we are all are intrigued as to what these huge steel gates are hiding from us mere peasants.

Currently worth $67 million dollars, this millennial phenomenon is of course based on Peter Pan – a story about a kid who never grows up. It seems Michael considered himself the modern-day version of the boy who never grows up.

Prior to his trial back in 2005, the police received a warrant to raid his fantasy-based estate. Upon doing so, they found an abundance of the most bizarre, creepy and disturbing things you could possibly imagine.

Join us as we uncover exactly why this estate was originally put up for sale at $100 million: it’s a true thriller..

Life-sized children dolls

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Two boys kissing door knocker

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