By Nick

21st March 2019

These days, the world is well aware of who the Kardashians are, but there was a time when they were an unknown, normal family. In this post, you are going to see them as you have never seen them before. In fact, they say it’s hard to believe that they weren’t in perfect form as they are today. However, the fact is, we all have to start somewhere, even if you are a Kardashian! Some of these photos will remind you of your own childhood because they all have that vintage, home movie quality that they have certainly left far behind. Even so, the fact that they don’t mind sharing these details on their social media pages has us all convinced that they, themselves, long for simpler times. Perhaps it’s a good, nostalgic feeling when they come across these old photos because they are reminded that they were once a simple family that had no intentions of making it big.

1. Photos of Kris Jenner.

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2. Photos of Kris Jenner.

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3. Photos of Kris Jenner.

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