By Nick

25th March 2019

Sometimes reading your favourite celeb’s autobiography for the 10th time and covering yourself in their brand new perfume just isn’t enough – you want to look exactly like them too.

We all know someone – or are guilty ourselves – of buying a lipstick because our favourite singer wears it, or copying our favourite A-lister’s new hair do…. but for some super-fans, looking like their idol has become an unhealthy obsession.

These fans have gone to extreme lengths – and often ended up very out of pocket – in an attempt to become their celebrity hero…

Jordan James Parke (Kim Kardashian) – BEFORE

Jordan has one true goal in life – to be the male version of Kim Kardashian – and he’s gone to great lengths to make it happen.

Image Source

The 27 year old is willing to do whatever it takes to transform himself into the reality TV star, even if that means shelling out over $180,000 on surgery and undergoing risky procedures…

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