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11th March 2019

Paddy Doherty is battling prostate cancer and admitted he has been in so much pain, he considered taking his own life.


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The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner will undergo two operations on Tuesday (12.03.19) but admitted he’s spent months in so much pain, he considered taking his own life.

He said:

“I’ve been to hell and back with this and it’s worse than getting a horrendous beating.

“The pain got so bad that I actually thought about taking my own life on two occasions.

“But I just couldn’t do that to my family – and instead I just drank myself into oblivion.”

The ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ star originally kept his diagnosis secret but decided to speak out to urge other men to get checked.

He told The Sun newspaper:

“The only people who have known about this are my wife, my brothers and sister. And it was my wife who suggested I should speak out about the condition – she said it might encourage other men to get themselves checked out.

“Men don’t talk about these things – especially travellers. But the bottom line is this – I was in a bad way.

“I started dreading going for a wee because I was having so much trouble passing water. I had to force it out and the pain became excruciating. I wouldn’t inflict it on my worst enemy.

“Then I started passing blood too – lots of it – and I just knew I had to go to see a doctor.

“After several tests, he told me straight: ‘Paddy, you’ve got cancer in your prostate.’ I know people think I’ve got this tough image but I just started stuttering. I couldn’t speak properly – it’s when you hear that word ‘cancer’.”

Paddy, 60, instantly feared the worst but his doctor told him they had caught the disease in time.

He added:

“It sounds dramatic but I said to him, ‘Have I got to put things right at home, doc ?’ Will you tell me ?

“I was basically asking if I was going to die. He told me to try not to worry and said, ‘We’ve got you, we’ve got you in time.’

“He uttered those words in front of a nurse and that gave me some relief because surely you wouldn’t say that in front of a witness unless it was true.”

Paddy initially underwent a steroid treatment but it “didn’t work” so on Tuesday, he will have one operation to remove his prostate and another to rectify a blood loss problem and though he’s “scared” about the surgery, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to beat the disease.

He said:

“I don’t know how long I’ll be in hospital or anything about the possible after effects. I’d rather not know and I haven’t asked any questions.

“Of course I’m scared about going on the operating table – I have to be. But I don’t want to leave this world so what choice do I have.

“You have to put your trust in these surgeons and I just hope other fellas won’t wait as long as I did before seeking help.

“This has definitely been the biggest battle of my life but it’s one ill determined to win.”

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