By Georgia Keenan

5th March 2019

Nickelodeon Nude Stars & Disney‘s Dirty Divas!

Nickelodeon Nude Stars? Disney‘s Dirty Divas? We are NOT joking. These stars have shown us a different side of themselves – a naked side!

Miley Stewart/ Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus…

Just a few short hours before she was set to host the VMAs in 2015, the star who gained her fame through Disney Channel show Hannah Montana posted a steamy selfie online – which of course was later taken down!

And we all remember THAT VMA performance with Robin Thicke…

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Miley Cyrus

Image Source

Gabriella Montez/ Vanessa Hudgens…

Vanessa Hudgens really tried to separate herself from her child-friendly characters when she took this pic, but unlucky for her it was somehow leaked online…

Nickelodeon Nude Vanessa Hudgens

Image Source

Sonny Munroe/ Mitchie Torres/ Demi Lovato…

Remember Demi’s Camp Rock and Sonny With A Chance days? Yeah, us too, but boy have things changed!

The famed actress and musician ditched her clothes for a photo shoot with Vanity Fair‘s Patrick Ecclesine.

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Demi Lovato

Image Source

Zack Martin/ Dylan Sprouse…

If you guessed it was Cole Sprouse who was the naughty, nude twin then you’d be wrong! Naturally, it was Dylan who stripped. He tweeted about it saying he made a ‘mistake’.

Are we really that surprised that he is involved in nude photos scandals?..

Nickelodeon Nude Dylan Sprouse

Image Source

Troy Bolton/ Zac Efron…

Back in 2006, Zac Efron played the sweet and innocent Troy Bolton in High School Musical, but after leaving Disney the star ended up this unusual (for lack of a better word!) predicament when his That Awkward Moment character took Viagra.

Awkward indeed…

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Zac Efron

Image Source

Cece Jones/ Bella Thorne…

More Nickelodeon stars who are naked? Mmhmmm…

Shake It Up star Bella Thorne is no stranger when it comes to posting nude selfies (nudefies?) online and in 2017, the flame-haired actress shared this racy pic during fashion week!

Nickelodeon Nude Bella Thorne

Image Source

Ren Stevens/ Christy Carlson Romano…

You remember Ren Stevens from Even Stevens don’t you? Duh, what am I saying, of course you do!

Well this is Christy Carlson Romano all grown up and in the buff for the 2o10 horror movie, Mirrors 2.

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Christy Carlson Romano

Image Source

Alex Russo/ Selena Gomez…

Our fave Wizards Of Waverly Place gal, Selena Gomez bared all for the promotion of her 2014 studio album, ”Revival”!

Wonder what the music video is like…

Nickelodeon Nude Selena Gomez

Image Source

Annie James/ Hallie Parker/ Lindsay Lohan…

It’s been a minute since we saw Lindsay Lohan in Disney’s Parent Trap, but now that she’s all grown up the actress has appeared in some NSFW films including The Canyon where she bared all!

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Lindsay Lohan

Image Source

Drake/ Drake Bell…

Our fave Nickelodeon bad boy, Drake made Valentines Day 2018 one we’ll never forget when he collaborated with People for this saucy pic! If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re welcome!

Nickelodeon Nude Drake Bell

Image Source

Cat Valentine/ Ariana Grande…

The Victorious star turned ”God Is A Woman” singer left little to the imagination when she posted this sultry mirror pic!

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Ariana Grande

Image Source

Tori Vega/ Victoria Justice…

As the face of the show Victorious, you would expect Victoria to be the definition of innocence.

Oh how we were wrong…

Nickelodeon Nude Victoria Justice

Image Source

Amanda Bynes…

Way back in 2013, The Amanda Show and All That actress Amanda Bynes went through a phase of posting topless pics online!

Bynes has since deleted the pics, but not before they were shared all over the web. Oops!

Nickelodeon Nude Stars Amanda Bynes

Image Source

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