By Angie

11th March 2019

The ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ star originally kept his diagnosis secret but decided to speak out to urge other men to get checked.

He told The Sun newspaper:

“The only people who have known about this are my wife, my brothers and sister. And it was my wife who suggested I should speak out about the condition – she said it might encourage other men to get themselves checked out.

“Men don’t talk about these things – especially travellers. But the bottom line is this – I was in a bad way.

“I started dreading going for a wee because I was having so much trouble passing water. I had to force it out and the pain became excruciating. I wouldn’t inflict it on my worst enemy.

“Then I started passing blood too – lots of it – and I just knew I had to go to see a doctor.

“After several tests, he told me straight: ‘Paddy, you’ve got cancer in your prostate.’ I know people think I’ve got this tough image but I just started stuttering. I couldn’t speak properly – it’s when you hear that word ‘cancer’.”

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