By Angie

6th March 2019

If you haven’t checked out these hilarious re-created photos of other beautiful and often famous people (mostly women) in which she attempts to do the exact poses that they do in their own, super sexy photos, you absolutely should! She’s just a normal looking woman who is putting herself into these precarious positions (just like the stars do) so that she can attempt to convey the same feeling that the original photo intended, only better. It’s the kind of thing that we all wish we had the time and energy to do.

However, when Celeste does this in such a way that she nearly humiliates herself in the process, you begin to realize the kind of dedication it takes in order to pull off such a task. Honestly, when you take a look at some of the poses that she puts herself in, you can immediately recognize her talent for this level of mockery. Most of us would never allow ourselves to be photographed in such bare situations but Celeste seems to just put it all out there for the public to scrutinize and laugh hysterically at. There’s really no other way of putting it except like this: She is one brave woman!

We can hardly imagine what she has to go through in order to pick the right photo to mock and all of the pageantries that she does in order to make her version stand out like a sore thumb. She has a real knack for making us laugh at, not only ourselves but at the celebrities who think that what they are doing is special at all. When, in fact, what they are doing is so ridiculous that it takes someone like Celeste to point out their own stupidity. You have got to take a look at these recreations. You will die laughing when you do:

Kim Kardashian

No, none of her photos are intended to represent the originals. She merely puts herself in these poses, and we can all see what happens from there! It’s one of those things that you really can’t stop putting out of your mind once you see it! I can’t believe that she how hard she works at making these photos because it seems like an awful lot of effort and we would also like to know what inspires Celeste to continue this parade of photos. She’s a deeply committed person and if there’s anything that we can truly say about it all it is that we appreciate her efforts immensely.

Kendal Jenner

I can see that the original is pretty sexy (even though it’s a weird concept) but her recreation is a real mess! I can’t tell if she’s in trouble or not. . .Thankfully, we are too busy laughing to be concerned about Celeste’s well being. She’s not only giving this the best effort that she has but she is showing us far too much of herself that most of us would rather hide! However, she doesn’t seem to have a problem showing herself off to the world for the sake of a good, mocking photo. I hope that she made it out of this photo shoot alright.

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