By Joe Royle

7th March 2019

When you’re strapped for cash but desperately want to jet off somewhere nice, economy is the only feasible option for us regular Joes (think screaming children, sweaty strangers and cheap food that literally tastes like cardboard) oh yes, there’s nothing quite like starting your holiday while being exposed to every flu strain under the sun!

But luckily for Kim Kardashian and her hubby Kanye West, these problems are nonexistent because they’re living the high life (now think delicious on-flight snacks, a comfortable double bed and an HD television) on board their luxury Boeing 747. On that note, let’s take a tour of Kimye’s private jet…

The Double Decker ”Yeezy Floating Office” Can Fit Up To 660 Passengers!

Just to give you an idea of how big this luxe jet actually is, Boeing 747s typically have the capacity to transport up to 660 people! But don’t get too excited, Kim and Kanye have instead decked theirs out with cosy leather recliners and dining areas.

With all the extra space on board Kim works out in the sky!

The star even filmed herself doing lunges up and down the aisles under the watchful eye of her personal trainer! Can you imagine being able to fit your workout routine into your commute?! Talk about a game changer…

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