By Angie

8th March 2019

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”

Even though our minds are still racing from everything that happened in season seven, HBO has since turned our worlds upside down (again) by announcing that Game Of Thrones will return for its eighth -and final– series this April. I know, we can’t believe it either…

As we impatiently await the upcoming release (seriously, we’re counting down the days!), us fans have been binge watching all of the old episodes and picking apart the newly dropped teaser trailers, in the hopes of figuring out what the fate of our fave characters will be.

I’ll be honest guys, things aren’t looking good for Westeros.

The epic medieval fantasy series has been enriching our weekly viewing experience since April 2011, (yes, it really has been that long!) but I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, none of us are ready to say our final farewells just yet…

Besides the thrilling adventures, steamy romances and side-splitting humour; we’ll miss the all important scenery that has brought the magical universe of the Seven Kingdoms to life. But, wait a minute, did you know some of the locations are real?!

Yep, it turns out most of show’s scenes were filmed on location, meaning us fans can visit them IRL!

From Jon and Ygritte’s secret love nest, to Winterfell -there are plenty of iconic Game Of Thrones‘ spots that you’ll soon be adding to your bucket list!

We hope you’ve got your passport at the ready…

1) Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s Wedding Location…

I can’t be the only one who’s still traumatised by Drogo’s untimely death in season 1, but at least his wedding to Daenerys is something we can look back on with fond memories…

Image Source

On that note, can you imagine tying the knot in the same location as the characters?! The Azure Window in Malta was used for the scene, but we should warn you…it was lost to a storm back in March 2017.

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