By Lucy Cooper

28th March 2019

Imagine becoming that famous and precious that another person is paid a wage to stand in as you, whilst you take a breather.

Granted, sometimes body doubles are roped in for the big stunts, which your standard actors aren’t trained for. But, often body doubles fill those scenes which the actor doesn’t want to do. Divas.

Some of these body doubles are so good you’ll be questioning which is actually the Hollywood star…

Jennifer Lopez And Her MALE Stunt Double

She might be known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but did you know on the set of her music video for Follow The Leader, they actually roped in a man to be her body double?

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Here they are in Mexico, sporting matching braids. I mean we see the similarity in the hair and jawline- but out of all the female stunt artists in the world, did the job really have to go to a fella?

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