By Lucy Cooper

19th March 2019

The bottom line is, nobody ever built a booty by sitting on it; just like nobody ever lost weight by eating McDonald’s for every meal.

When it comes to your physique and body goals, hard work, consistency and patience are required. Building your glutes (a bigger booty) requires the same fundamentals as building any other muscle in the body (or losing fat)- putting in work at the gym and controlling your diet.

What are booty gains?

Some are blessed with naturally faster metabolisms and leaner figures, meaning they might have to work that little bit less than the next person to attain their goals. But, for that person that has to put the extra work in, it only makes the end goal that much more satisfying.

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Read this complete guide of booty gains, including; why we need stronger glutes, myths surrounding booty building and tips on how to get the most out of your diet and training for maximised results.

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