By Kirsty Bachor

4th March 2019

In an ever-evolving world, genius makeup hacks are an ongoing topic of wonderment: it’s strange to think back to the days when I was using my hand instead of a foundation sponge, and I didn’t even know what the word ‘contour’ meant. And new handy hints are being discovered every day: so put down your mascara brush and read this because you’re probably doing it all wrong anyway.

1. Get your winged eyeliner on point using just a spoon

And it won’t cost you a thing – presuming, of course, that everybody already has a spoon in their kitchen. Press the rounded side of the spoon to your eyelid and away you go!

2. Cover up those puffy eyes and dark circles with a concealer triangle

We’ve all got them – and even though we all have, we still don’t want anybody else to see them. Instead of dotting your concealer directly under the eye, try using a triangle shape pointing down to the cheek.

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