By Andrew Pollard

20th February 2019

Even if you don’t watch pro wrestling these days, it’s safe to say you’ve likely watched the grappling game at some point in your life.

Of course, many view the late ‘90s as being the very best time in wrestling history, with that decade producing some of the biggest stars that the industry has ever seen.

With that in mind, then, here are 10 of the biggest wrestling stars of the ‘90s and what they look like now.

10. Steve Austin (Steve Williams) – THEN

Having impressed many with his work in WCCW, USWA, WCW and ECW, Austin arrived in the then-World Wrestling Federation in 1995. At that point in time, the Texas native was given the awful gimmick of The Ringmaster and was essentially made a mute; “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase used as his mouthpiece and manager.

The 1996 King of the Ring is often the moment referenced when looking back at when the true rise of Stone Cold was ignited. Following that, a rivalry with Bret Hart would take Austin to a whole other level as the WWF embraced the Bionic Redneck as one of their top-tier babyface stars who the Average Joe wrestling fan could cheer on.

With plentiful movie roles and TV gigs to his name, these days Austin hosts his twice-weekly The Steve Austin Show podcast.

Steve Williams (Steve Austin) – NOW

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