By Kirsty Bachor

12th February 2019

We all love a bit of drama – especially when it’s happening to someone else – and it’s the main reason we adore watching shows like Waterloo Road on television. The school-based show gave us characters we loved to hate (or hated to love); but where exactly did they move on to?

Sambuca Kelly (Holly Kenny) – THEN

Sambuca, as you may have realised, was named after a particular boozy beverage – her mum’s favourite, to be exact – which gives you an insight into her upbringing, I’m sure. Despite the sour name, Sam was actually a good kid who tended to be led into trouble, and mostly due to the need to help out her friends. As the show went on, it was clear that Sambuca was a loyal girl with a big heart – which makes her death on the show all that more hard to deal with. Because – in case you didn’t know – Sam found out she had a brain tumour, and it was one of the most emotional storylines of the show (you’re going to need a couple of shots of Sambuca after watching that, believe me). The poor girl’s final episode was 2011.

But as for the actress, Holly Kenny, she went on to star in a host of shows, including Shameless, The Mill and In The Club. Holly also has some TV-films under her belt, after featuring in Mischief Night and White Girl.

Holly Kenny (Sambuca Kelly) – NOW

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