The Top 10 Areas Of The UK That Claim The Most Benefits

By Nick

21st February 2019

Usually, the areas that have the highest use rate of the benefits system are areas of the UK that have low paying wages or a large concentration of people living within. Places like Birmingham or Liverpool.

Recently a map was unveiled, showing all the benefit hotspots throughout the country.

Take a look at the top 13 areas of the UK that claim the most benefits:

13. Middlesborough.

New research has found that Middlesborough was ranked as the lowest in business and community categories.

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There are high levels of benefits claimants in the town and the life expectancy is lower than a lot of other places in the country.

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Sir Stuart Bell, Middlebrough’s Labour MP, said: “From 1979 to 1981 Teesside lost 20,000 jobs in the chemical, steel and shipbuilding [industries].

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