By Georgia Keenan

28th February 2019

2. Patty Di Marco (Sarah Silverman)

Patty Di Marco quickly became one of the main antagonists of the film, but not because she was a bad person. On the contrary, she wanted her boyfriend Ned to stand up to Dewey and demand the rent money they were owed – understandably. When Patty later discovered that Dewey had been using Ned’s name and pretending to be a substitute teacher in order to scrape up the cash he owed them, she did everything in her power to sabotage his plan. Did we like her? No. Was she right? Probably.

IRL, Sarah Silverman had been dating fellow actor Michael Sheen from 2014. You know, Aro from Twilight and Lucian from Underworld? That’s the one! But unfortunately the couple’s relationship came to a conclusion in 2017 after Sheen made the decision to return to the UK following the Brexit result and Trump’s presidency.

Sarah has not been in a relationship since and has instead been focusing on her career and spending time with her dog.


Sarah Silverman & (Ex-Boyfriend) Michael Sheen…

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