By Georgia Keenan

28th February 2019

The School Of Rock Cast: Then And Now

Can you believe that it has been over 15 years since the movie?! That’s a long time for The School of Rock cast to change – let’s see what they look like now?

A recap for those of you who can’t remember:

Starring Jack Black, The School of Rock tells the story of Dewey Finn, a band member who pretends to be his best friend, Ned Schneebly, by accepting Ned’s substitute teacher role to get money. However, Dewey soon realises that these kids have a talent for rock music and decides to enter them into the Battle of the Bands.

Sounds crazy, right? But we all loved it! So much so that Andrew Lloyd Webber – AKA musical theatre royalty – wrote a score (along with Julian Fellowes and Glenn Slater) based on the 2003 film! And hence was born School of Rock Musical. It opened on broadway in 2015 and was directed by Laurence Connor.

Marta – Caitlin Hale

‘Blondie’ blew us all away with her rendition of Annie‘s, ‘The Sun Will Come Out’.

Marta THEN School of Rock Cast

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Despite her talent, actress Caitlin backed out of show business soon after filming for School Of Rock ended and instead focused on leading a more conventional life.

In 2013, she graduated from The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations.

Although her instagram now gives the indication that she is in nursing? Who knows!

Caitlin Hale – Marta


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Legally blonde.


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Zack – Joey Gaydos Jr.

‘Zack-Attack’s epic skills on the electric guitar blew Dewey’s mind when he first heard the student play and convinced him that winning the Battle Of The Bands could happen if they worked hard enough.

Did you remember that it was Zack’s OWN song that actually won them Battle of the Bands?!

Zach THEN School of Rock Cast

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Joey Gaydos Jr. – Zack

Shortly after the film’s success, little Joey Gaydos Jr. released his first (and only) solo album! Now that he’s all grown up the actor has taken a step back from the limelight, though he loves playing guitar whenever he gets the chance and posting about his life on Instagram.

Recently, he was arrested for stealing FIVE guitars and an amp. He must have blown all of that film money then…

Zach NOW School of Rock Cast

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Katie – Becca Brown

‘Posh Spice’ originally played the cello but the substitute teacher had other plans. She soon became THE coolest bass player – even giving the boys a run for their money!

Katie THEN School of Rock Cast

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Becca Brown – Katie

Nowadays, Becca – who prefers the pronouns they/ them/ their – still continues to act but to a lesser extent compared to when they were a child.

Becca is also a singer, comedian and activist for LGBTQ+ rights. They label themselves as queer and their latest acting work, ‘Just Call Me Ripley’ explores the difficulties of coming out.

Billy – Brian Falduto

‘Fancy Pants’ is mainly remembered for his iconic sense of fashion and the statement outfits he designed for the band which he described as being “Glitter Rock, Glam and Fabulous”.

Billy THEN School of Rock Cast

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Brian spent much of his childhood being bullied by his school peers and feeling isolated because he wasn’t like everyone else. It wasn’t until very recently that the star learned to not only accept who he is, but love himself for it.

He previously dated a guy in college who helped him come to terms with his sexuality and although they have since parted ways, Brian is now using everything he has learned to help others love themselves. For now he is living his best live as a single guy and is focusing on his love of music but in time, he hopes to find the man of his dreams!

Brian Falduto – Billy


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Summer – Miranda Cosgrove

‘Tinkerbell’ was the kid with perfect attendance, outstanding grades and permanently glossy hair; but when it was realised she had no musical talent, Dewey gave her the job of playing the tambourine, which of course didn’t satisfy her.

In the end she became the manager for the band which worked out rather well as her selfless nature meant she always put the needs of the School Of Rock first.

Summer THEN School of Rock Cast

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Miranda is one of the few cast members that has gone on to live a life in the public eye and continues to share her life online.

She had lead roles in Drake & Josh and iCarly and you may also recognise her as the voice of Margo in the Despicable Me films!

Miranda Cosgrove – Summer

Freddy – Kevin Clark

‘Spazzy McGee’ was ‘the hot one’ of the band who liked getting crazy with the drums.

Did you know that his nickname actually is in reference to an earlier copy of the script in which Freddy has ADD, because of this he regularly pops Ritalin – during class time, naturally.

Fred THEN School of Rock Cast

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Kevin Clark – Fred

Looks like the rockstar life took a hold of Kevin and never looked back as he became a professional drummer!

However, that does not mean that he is super flashy with his rockstar lifestyle; he leads a low profile life – hardly posting on social media at all (much to our dismay).

He hasn’t appeared in any films/ TV shows since 2003. Instead. he prefers to spend his time with the band ‘Robbie Gold’.

Kevin NOW School of Rock Cast

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Alicia – Aleisha Allen

‘Brace Face’ was first overlooked by Dewey as a typical goody-two-shoes kid who wouldn’t be interested in helping out, but she soon won him – and her classmates/band mates – over when she performed ”Amazing Grace” as an audition piece.

Alicia THEN School of Rock Cast

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After The School Of Rock, Aleisha Allen went on to star in the hit 2007 family film, Are We Done Yet? which is where she met her first (and seemingly last) high profile beau. In case you haven’t guessed it already, Aleisha fell head over heels for co-star Tahj Mowry but it wasn’t until years later that the pair hooked up.

Their relationship fizzled out after four years of dating and Tahj has since moved on with his life but the 27-year-old actress doesn’t seem to have been in a relationship since then and instead has filled her timeline with selfies and group photos with her mates.

Aleisha Allen – Alicia


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Lawrence – Robert Tsai

‘Mr. Cool’ was the sweetest boy in the world! He arguably said the most iconic line in the whole film:

‘You’re a fat loser and you have body odour’.

Should really use that line in my next argument.

Lawrence THEN School of Rock Cast

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Nowadays, Robert is an extremely talented pianist – we all recall his keyboard skills from the film.

He took a break from the Hollywood lifestyle to try out college, and recently graduated from Dartmouth!

Remember how he used to dance whilst playing the keyboard? Well, Robert continued that passion and became an accomplished dancer! He is with the dance dance group ‘Instant Noodle Crew’; they starred on America’s Best Dance Crew (season six) and on an episode of Disney Channel show Shake It Up.

Robert Tsai – Lawrence

Tomika – Maryam Hassan

‘Turkey Sub’ was out gurl, y’all! Her vocals were phenomenal!

Her shy and timid nature just made her more lovable – we just wanted to give her a big hug.

Tomika THEN School of Rock Cast

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Although being one of the main ‘kids’ in The School of Rock, Maryam decided that acting wasn’t for her.

She has her own YouTube channel, where she sporadically uploads song covers AND makeup tutorials.

Don’t get thinking she has forgotten about her School of Rocks roots though! Maryam took part in a performance with some of her co-stars for the tenth anniversary of the film. She also filled in for a 2015 performance of the Broadway production! Now they were a lucky audience.

Maryam Hassan – Tomika

Frankie – Angelo Massagli

‘Tough Guy’ was the only security that the band could ever need.

Frankie THEN School of Rock Cast

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Angelo Massagli – Frankie

Not much is known about Angelo nowadays, HOWEVER, we do know that he is dating his fellow cast member Caitlin Hale AKA Marta!

Can you even handle that level of cuteness?! We can’t!

Frankie NOW School of Rock Cast

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