By Georgia Keenan

28th February 2019

2. Uncle Bryn (Rob Brydon)

Stacey and Jason’s uncle Bryn became a father figure to the children after their real father passed away suddenly and was a constant support for his sister-in-law, Gwen. Despite his odd, and occasionally overbearing nature Bryn was perhaps the most well-loved character in the series on account of his loyalty to his friends and family.

While we will never find out what went on during that fishing trip with Jason, we can tell you all about actor Rob Brydon’s love life…

The award-winning star met TV producer Claire Holland when they were both working on The South Bank Show¬†in the early ’00s and in 2006, the pair tied the knot! They have since welcomed two sons, Tom and George and frequently link arms at red carpet events.

Rob Brydon & (Wife) Claire Holland…

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