By Carole Taylor

9th February 2019

The Bill has to be one of the most iconic cop dramas to be seen on British television.  Many of you will have grown up with it as it aired from 1984 to 2010 and the quality of each episode was always enough to make it compulsive watching, for adults and teens alike.

We followed the stories of the police officers, based at Sun Hill and the series focused as much on the PC’s and Sergeants as it did on the crime issues.  Many well known faces from the television world either cut their teeth on The Bill or appeared on the show when their acting careers were experiencing a dry patch.

As The Bill was on our screens 35 years ago, obviously the actors will have aged, some gracefully and others not so well.  Have a look at our ‘then’ and ‘now’ images and you decide whether time has been kind to them and if you even still recognise them.  Let’s put the blue light on and start our ‘Bill’ journey.

CLAIRE GOOSE – Rachel Weston ….then

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Chief Inspector Weston was the approachable but shrewd leader of the team, who always came up with a plan, regardless of the situation.


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Claire was in great demand when the show folded, appearing in programmes such as Hustle, The Coroner and Mount Pleasant, to name but a few.

LISA MAXWELL – Samantha Dixon….then

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D.I. Nixon spent 7 years and 281 episodes at Sun Hill.  The ultimate professional, she spent so much time married to the job that she struggled to analyse who she, herself was.

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