By Lewis Thelwell

28th February 2019

It’s got to be one of the most memorable British comedies, a fresh and empowering movement for women everywhere – and one that makes you want to don a kit and go and kick a ball about for a bit. The success of the film even sparked a West End musical version – well football fans do love a good singalong after all – but the original cast have come a long way since they were bending it like a certain dishy sports legend…

10. Pinky Bhamra (Archie Panjabi) – THEN

We’re first introduced to Pinky as the spoiled brat, obsessed with fashion and make-up – and, to be fair, she does look stunning in every shot – but by the end of the movie she begins to think about others rather than herself for a change (hoorah!). We see Pinky’s more sensitive side when she sneaks off to marry her love – and also helps Jess sneak off to play football in Germany, like any good sister would.

These days, actress Archie is best known for her role as Kalinda Sharma in the hit show The Good Wife, a role which has bagged her a fair few awards. She’s also appeared in big movies such as The Constant Gardener, Yasmin and San Andreas, as well as one of our fav TV shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine, proving she can do serious drama as good as comedy. She’s also an advocate for women’s rights and is very busy with her charity work.

Archie Panjabi (Pinky Bhamra) – NOW

Up next is Mr Bhamra (Jess’ dad)!

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