By Emma Moylan

26th February 2019

Rare 10p Coins Have Been Released – Do You Have One?

2.1 million rare 10p coins are entering circulation from The Royal Mint which feature: ‘All things quintessentially British’.

Coin designs include a King Arthur coin, an Angel Of The North 10p and a double decker bus themed 10 pence piece. They don’t have the M for Meghan Markle though, unfortunately. Collecting them all could earn you up to £100!

rare 10p coins


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26 coins will be released into circulation; one for each letter of the alphabet. They will be updated versions of the A to Z coins entering circulation, so it’s time to grab your wallet and inspect your loose change! It’s time for the Great British coin hunt!

So, what should you look out for? And which ones are worth the most?

rare 10p coins B


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The coins will feature designs that celebrate all things typically British including: cricket, fish and chips and (obviously) a good cuppa tea. First entering circulation last year, those who are a coin collector soon snapped them up for private collections or sold them for inflated prices on the internet.

rare 10p coins F


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Despite the fact that this will be a new batch, coin experts, including Colin Bellamy expresses that collectors will be just as eager to snatch the coins as there will be one minor difference; 2019 not 2018.

rare 10p coins real life

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E for English Breakfast is set to be the best seller, with some buyers paying up to £8 for the coin. Shortly followed by B for Bond… James Bond; the coins worth is expected to be at least £6, if not more!

Some less financially valuable but personal favourites include Q for queuing; T for Teapot; I for Ice Cream Cone; N for National Health Service; and D for Double Decker Bus.

You can check the price of the coins on the The Change Checker Scarcity Index…

rare 10p coins E


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Uncirculated coins sell for a lot more as their condition is near-perfect; you can buy these coins straight from the Royal Mint, but it will cost around £16 each!

Currently, you can purchase ‘Early Strike Uncirculated’ coins for just £2 on The Royal Mint website, or you can also purchase all 26 coins and a collectors album for £61.90.

rare 10p coins I


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Nicola Howell, from The Royal Mint said:

“It will be one of the most limited issue coin designs for 2019 to be released into circulation, so to complete the collection we also have an exclusively designed 2019 A to Z collector album.”

rare 10p coins set

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This time, less coins are actually being put into circulation, making the competition all the more fierce. Considering demand was so high last year that the website crashed, this release is set to be VERY intense.

Online, you can even purchase ‘name frames’ to spell out someone’s name with the coins or boxes to hold them in – these can be bought at post offices. The 2018 collection is also still available to buyers.

rare 10p coins 26


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The app ‘Coin Hunt’ has also been made by The Royal Mint for hunters to document which coin they have found and where.

What are the other coins you should look out for?

There are some rare 50p coins in circulation. The Royal Mint are celebrating the half a century of the 50p! I know, who can believe it has only been around for that short period of time. 50 pence coins were introduced in 1969, replacing the 10 shilling note.

These 50p coin designs include numerous achievements, including the 250 years that the Kew Gardens has been open – this 50p is set to be worth £1000 – as well as a coin depicting Sir Roger Bannister, who ran the first sub four-minute mile.

rare 10p coins 50p Kew Gardens

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The Beatrix Potter 50 pence collection could also turn your 50p into some serious dough, especially if you manage to retrieve the full set: Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Squirrel Nutkin and the actual commemorative coin.

So your loose change could actually be worth a lot more than you might think…Make sure you get checking your chunk of change next time you pop to the shops!

rare 10p coins Beatrix Potter collection


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A Brexit coin is also rumoured to be released by the Chancellor which could potentially be worth hundreds of pounds.

Sometimes, there can be a minting error – tut tut to you The Royal Mint – however, if you can get your hands on one of those… lets just say you’re gonna be happy for MONTHS!

For example, back when The Royal Mint were celebrating the London 2012 Olympics, they released a swimming coin. They initially had the swimmers’ face covered with water, however, they decided that it looked better when the face was uncovered. A few of the original design managed to make it into circulation.

According to the Scarcity Index, this specific 50 pence coin could get you up to £1,000 – and on eBay one even sold for £1,092!

rare 10p coins Olympics 2012

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Actually, any coin that has an incorrect spelling, varied design or rim, or one that is undated can be worth hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

An example of this is when all two pence coins were called the ‘new’ pence until 1981. What a rubbish name! Can you imagine calling it that? It is supposedly worth no less than £500 today.

rare 10p coins new pence

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The moral of the story – get checking your pockets people! Who knows, you might be sitting on a THOUSAND POUNDS worth of a rare 10p.

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