By Olivia Morris

28th February 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over ten years since the The Inbetweeners first graced our TV screens, isn’t it? Especially when it remains entirely quotable on a daily basis… (Really now – how many times have you baited your mate with “Oooh, friend!“? We’re going to go ahead and guess a lot.)

And whilst we all dearly love the four protagonists – whether it be nerdy Will, braggart Jay, good-natured Neil, or ridiculous Simon – we think it’s about time that the focus was switched to some of the less well-known characters of the show… Who portrayed them, and where are they now? Time to find out…

1. David Glover (Richie Hart) – THEN

Glover was one of those students who really didn’t like our four primary characters. In fact, he was that lad who chorused “posh little pr**k” to Will, and “tw*t” to Neil… (We gather he was a friend of Donovan’s). He was often spotted at school either playing with his Nintendo DS, or taking part in a game of snooker.

He was played by Richie Hart in the series, and the actor made a comeback in 2019’s TV movie, The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited. He’s now a musical director and actor at the Bridge Theatre, London. The play he was most recently involved in was called Allelujah.

Richie Hart (David Glover) – NOW


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