By Nick

27th February 2019

2. Makosi Musambasi – THEN

Makosi was a contestant in the sixth series of Big Brother. She quickly became infamous for her confident, flirtatious nature and curvaceous body. One particular incident that left all BB watchers back in 2005 gobsmacked was her steamy Jacuzzi shenanigans with Geordie Anthony Hutton. And whilst it turned out that she wasn’t pregnant following the tryst, the two remained at odds about what really happened in the tub…

After she placed third in the showMakosi ended up being deported from the UK in 2012. She ended up becoming the face of a lifestyle TV show, Makosi Today. She posts regular updates on Instagram, and has amassed 28.4k followers. Her main themes are fitness, and her day-to-day life as a breast cancer survivor. She prides herself on being super motivational.

Makosi Musambasi – NOW

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