By Kirsty Bachor

16th February 2019

It was the pinnacle of family films; I’ll be honest – whenever I hear the tune ‘Jump Around’, my mind is always taken back to that party scene with that horse eating that cake. It made us laugh and it made us cry – and with the late Robin Williams’ performance, the latter is definitely true. I’m sure the cast won’t forget making a film like this, just as we won’t forget watching it – so what did life have in store for them following the hit movie?

Lydia Hillard (Lisa Jakub) – THEN

Lydia was one of the three Hillard children and the eldest girl suffering the effects of her parents’ divorce (a difficult time for all of us watching this movie!) Pretty, clever and grounded, Lydia was a sharp girl who eventually came to discover the true identity of Mrs Doubtfire, and agreed to keep it secret due to her being thrilled to have her father back in her life.

Lisa Jakub’s role actually came at a price – she was apparently expelled from school due to too many absenses in order to shoot the movie (as reasons for expulsion go, starring in a movie with Robin Williams is probably one of the best). She did go on to star in Matinee, Independence Day, Picture Perfect and Painted Angels. At 22, she decided to hang up the old acting shoes, and she’s now a writer and yoga teacher. Namaste to that!

Lisa Jakub (Lydia Hillard) – NOW

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