By Gabby

7th February 2019

Mugging offs, ‘I’m loyal’ and heads being turned: what more could a Brit want from a television show? Love Island has become a national treasure amongst reality programmes.

The love, lies and lip fillers provide infinite amounts of entertainment for us lot to be indefinitely and shamelessly glued to our sofas. But, what happens when they catch that Ryanair flight home and head back to reality?

Jonathan Clark – Then

Originally from Essex, Clark used to work as a builder before he found fame on the Island of Lurve. After making his way to runner-up in the show with Hannah Elizabeth, he shot into the limelight. The couple were favourites throughout their time in sunny Spain with some extremely memorable on-screen moments – making the nation fall in love with them even more.¬†Following his success on the match-maker show, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and joined the cast of the well known reality show The Only Way Is Essex. He’s remained an integral part of the show ever since, but sadly the couple who found their romance back in 2015 are no longer a duo (hold back the tears). Chloe Crowhurst, Lauren Pope and diva The GC (Gemma Collins) are on his endless list of past flames. Sadly, this pair have also ended – even after describing each other as ‘the one’. So, does that mean our Jon is back on the market? Single and ready to mingle? Watch out ladies!

Jonathan Clark – Now

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