By Lucy Cooper

15th February 2019

She made quite the reputation for herself on the show that launched her career- Love Island- after distastefully calling one of her fellow islanders a ‘C U Next Tuesday’…

So we all know she’s got a potty mouth on her and is incredibly reactive. Acting this way towards fellow adults is one thing, but when the anger is directed towards an innocent TWO year old- it’s a different story. McDermott faces massive backlash as ex- TOWIE star Maria Fowler has released screenshots of private messages that reveal the 23 year old calling Fowler’s daughter out as ‘vile’.

Whatever possessed her? Surely she knew that was only going to come back and bite her in the bum… and it has… HARD.

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McDermott was met with a barrage of backlash when Maria posted their private conversation to her social media last night.

The initial rift was over Kady’s new Insatgram page, which she launched alongside her boyfriend- ex TOWIE star Myles Barnett- under the handle ‘Our Village Home’ (since been deleted), which was set to follow their journey of renovating a bungalow to a four bed house.

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