By Angie

14th February 2019

Celebrities have it all. But genuinely. ALL.

Pub, bowling alley, aquarium, trampoline room, ice skating rink… You name it, there’s most definitely a celeb who has it in their home.

And why stop at just one? Some famous faces have an array of houses to their name – plain greedy if you ask us.

We all know that celebs have inordinate amounts of dough but just how much are they willing to drop on their super swanky homes? These price tags are frankly outrageous. Money has definitely gone to their head as one mansion is even decked out with a moat… *sigh*.

Well…without further ado, try and hold down that green-eyed monster within you as we delve into the most expensive (and frankly outrageous) celeb houses ever…

Aaron Spelling – £150 million

Craziest feature: Ice Skating rink

The 56,000 square foot mansion is THE MOST expensive celeb house in the world! Four garages, three kitchens, gym, bowling alley, orchard, tennis court and even a skating rink, you’d be absolutely spoiled for choice for leisure activities to try. God, what would it be like to be THAT rich?

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Bill Gates – $125 million

Craziest Feature: Trampoline Room

Bill Gates home is an absolute beast. You’d have to write an essay to cover all the amazing aspects of his place, so here are the highlights. The 7 bedroomed house has 24 bathrooms, six kitchens, ginormous library with a domed roof, a trampoline room, a pool with an underwater music system AND a man-made stream stocked with fish…and that’s just the highlights. If you’re ever lucky enough to go, don’t worry about getting lost – each guest is given a pin with a microchip to track their location… naturally.


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