By Angie

11th February 2019

We’ve all got that one person at work that we’ve never really liked. Yes, we’ll make small talk at the Christmas party; yes, they’ve got no idea about how we feel; yes we’ll greet them with a BIG fake smile every morning. But seriously, we HATE their guts (and we have to tell our faces not to blow our cover every 3 minutes precisely).

And when it comes to celebs, there’s certainly no difference. On film sets, on stage, even on the catwalk: the celeb working world has its fair share of rivalry.

So, would you rather read about the time Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams came head to head on The Notebook set (WE KNOW) or how the 50 Shades couple found each other ‘repulsing‘? Thank goodness, and thanks to us – your celebrity gossip fairy godmother, you don’t have to choose…

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall: Shade in the City

Although they were BFFs on the famous female chick flick, it certainly wasn’t all smiles, sleepovers and shopping behind the camera. When Catrrall discovered that Parker earned more money than her (well, obviously!?), things quickly (and quite rightly) turned sour…


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