By Emma Moylan

15th February 2019

Coleen Rooney has told hubby Wayne that he needs rehab to control his excessive drinking, if he wants to save their marriage, as she’s spotted without her wedding ring shopping for Valentine’s balloons.

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Wayne has evidently been feeling pressure from the media attention on his strained marriage as he told pals that a divorce from Coleen would be a ‘relief’.

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The footballer did add that a break up would also ‘devastate’ him and that he currently has no plans to end his 16-year relationship with Coleen despite the fact that┬átheir marriage continues to hit roadblocks with Wayne facing scandal after scandal.

Tensions first rose recently after Wayne was seen drinking shots until 2:30am with Vicki Rosiek. On a ten hour booze fest, the footballer was seen cosying up with the barmaid, sharing a car with her and getting cash outside a branch of Hooters.

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