By Angie

19th February 2019

Three words, more than eight letters, say it and everyone swoons: Leonardo Di Caprio. Growing up watching Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, The Beach… he was all any girl of any age wanted. And still does – he’s ageing just like a fine wine, am I right?

It seems as if the handsome Hollywood hunk is well aware of his good looks and knows just how to use them to his advantage in the ladies department.

So, down to business/why we’re all here, just how many lucky ladies have been linked to Mr Di Caprio? And, more importantly, could we give any of them a run for their money?

Try not to get too jealous…


Did you know that the singer and Hollywood heart throb had found love? (in a hopeless place). Sorry not sorry. You know you were thinking it too!

Image Source

They were seen spending a lot of time together in the beginning of 2016.

Image Source

Ri Ri and Leo kissing in a tree, k i s s i n g!

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