By Lucy Cooper

14th February 2019

Some very sophisticated and impressive duplicates of John Lewis products (and many more!) have hit the shelves in Aldi for as little as £5.99!

It’s likely these little gems won’t be in store for long- so make sure to have a potter down the ‘random bits’ aisle next time you’re doing the weekly. We even discovered several TOP END John Lewis products for as much as a quarter of the price.

I’d even go as far to say, some of the alternatives Aldi has to offer beat their more expensive (disgustingly expensive) counterparts! Take a look and see what you think; can you guess which is high end vs Aldi? (At first look though, no cheating!)…

Trendy exposed lightbulb lamp- £39.99 (RRP £176)

Now this one is scandalous; the one on the left is priced at £176, from Nunido, for what is nothing more than a lightbulb on a stick? It might be modern and sleek, but if that’s the look you’re going for then why not go for the £39.99 Aldi one (right) instead?

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Decadent lamp- £29.99 (RRP £72.99)

This chic, chandelier lamp will set you back a saddening £72.99 if purchased from Discount Home Lighting; if instead you take yourself down to Aldi you can get essentially the same thing for under £30! 



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