By Angie

8th February 2019

One might think that it’s pretty difficult to get a good picture of the late Princess Diana but when you are as popular as she was, then there’s no getting away from the paparazzi and when that happens, there are bound to be a batch of bad photos that nobody wants to see. Even so, finding them when it comes to this lady is very difficult. She happened to have been the most graceful and beautiful woman that the world has ever seen. At one time, she was the most photographed woman in the world and still, hardly any bad photos have surfaced. All you have to do is put today’s princesses in full view for a few months and we can clearly see their flaws. However, it just wasn’t like that with Lady Di. She was quite remarkable! Well, with all that said, we did manage to find some that she may not approve of. Let’s take a look:

She disapproves of what she sees here:

Image Source

It’s hard to keep your emotions from running rampant on your face!

Candid shot:

Image Source

This is an old picture that shows her before her polished look. Even so, she still looks fantastic!

Who knows what she’s thinking in this photo?

Image Source

She seems to be looking right at the camera who is often seen spotting her. . . yet again!

Diana crying:

Image Source

These moments can’t be easy when you are in the public’s eye all of the time.

Look of disgust:

Image Source

She clearly doesn’t like the food that she was just served!

Still crying:

Image Source

She just can’t have a moment of peace in these photos.

Oops! Something went wrong here!

Image Source

She’s clearly trying to make everything run smoothly but then this happens! She just can’t worry too much about it though. . .

Making funny faces:

Image Source

Well, she was definitely a funny woman who didn’t mind making a funny face from time to time.

She’s at it again!

Image Source

We have to wonder if she’s doing this deliberately for the paparazzi!

On the phone:

Image Source

This poor woman could never get a moment of peace from the spectators!

She continues the conversation:

Image Source

While picking at her toes. . . if you can’t beat them then you’ll just have to do whatever you normally do – as if they were not around at all.

She looks nervous in this pic:

Image Source

Some of these later pics of her are never easy to see. . .

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