By Angie

8th February 2019

1. Some of us tend to over pack.


Even if we are only going on a four day holiday to Benidorm, why wouldn’t we take a 10kg hand luggage along with a 20kg suitcase that somehow weighs 25kg? How many times have you seen someone unpacking at check-in, throwing out as many things they don’t need.

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I mean, I think we’ve all been there, where we’ve had to wear half of our clothes onto the plane because our case is too heavy or is that just me who’s had to do that?

2. Some of us even like to hold up security.

There’s always that one person who has to throw half of their liquids away because even after travelling on a plane year in year out, they still don’t understand that you can’t carry anything over 100ml.

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They’re also the people who stand there and argue about the fact they’ve got to throw their belongings away. If you’re one of those people, you’re an ar*ehole.

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