By Angie

8th February 2019

So, we’re all guilty of exaggerating the truth from time to time, and there’s no better way than to alter a photo of yourself before you upload it online. Even using a different filter will enhance the way that you look! Soon, we will only be a digital version of ourselves, and we will no longer have to leave the house with our real bodies ever again! We also know that celebrities have been wise to this sort of alteration since before we all had the same capability in the palm of our hands. Magazine covers have always altered how we see beautiful women in this world. They look flawless! However, in real life, no one is.  Here are some examples of celebrities getting caught photoshopping a perfect image before posting it online:

1. Beyonce

Image Source

Sometimes a good alteration is hard to find. In this example, you must look closely at the wine glass. That’s how you can tell!

2. Rihanna

Image Source

Well, I can’t believe that this one went unnoticed. Of course, it’s hard to focus on any one spot in a photo that is this colorful. In this case, her thumbnail appears to be altered. Now that we see it, it’s hard not to notice this! Why would she need to alter anything about herself?

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