By Lewis Thelwell

13th February 2019

Alcohol is everywhere we look: in the shops, on TV, in pubs, clubs and probably (definitely) in our homes as well! But where in the UK do people drink the most? And more importantly, are you the sole cause of your city finding itself in the top 3? Read and weep my friends…

30. Liverpool

As Liverpool is a major cultural city and very popular, it’s not surprising to see it on this list!

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Figures have estimated that around 115,000 adults drink more alcohol than they are meant to, and around 75,000 are classed as binge drinkers!

29. Coventry

To celebrate being UK City of Culture for 2021, Coventry residents may have cracked open the champagne.

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But hopefully they didn’t drink too much! The city is ranked as one of the worst in England for alcohol-related incidents.

28. St Helens

“Does St Helens have a drink problem?”

Asked the Liverpool Echo in 2016. Based on the stats, it appeared so!

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Although they have taken steps to try and limit the damage of alcohol.

27. Wigan

“Wigan has a drink problem”

According to Wigan Today in 2017! Need I say more?

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Famous for its pies, 3 times more Wigan residents sought help for alcohol dependency in 2016 than the national average!

26. Kingston upon Hull

Another City of Culture, this time for 2017, Hull has also experienced problems with its drinking.


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In 2016, figures showed that around 30% of residents drank too much and/or binged weekly. Hull surely can’t be that bad a place to live?! Best not ask the locals that, should we?

25. Edinburgh

Birthplace of James Bond AKA Sean Connery, it seems Edinburgh residents like a martini!

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Or any other alcoholic beverage by the looks of things…

24. Brighton

As a seaside town renowned for its nightlife, it would be strange if Brighton didn’t make this list!


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In fact, so much alcohol is consumed, that this year a minimum price on alcohol units was proposed to try to discourage drinking!

23. Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is top nightspot for students, residents and anyone who likes clubs and cheap booze!

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More than a quarter of residents drink much more than the recommended units, and the area is especially famous for its binge drinking.

22. Wakefield

Another Yorkshire city makes the list, with figures from 2011-2014 showing about 80% of its residents regularly drink alcohol.

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Yorkshire prides itself on its booze! So it’s clear to see why so many Yorkshire areas make the list!

21. Manchester

As the home of Coronation Street, it seems Manchester residents spend too much time drinking in the Rovers Return!


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The rate of hospital admissions for conditions linked to alcohol is 60% higher in Manchester than the English average.

20. Wolverhampton

Not the first city that comes to mind when thinking about alcohol, but Wolverhampton has struggled with alcohol and drug problems for many years.


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It contributes to the-  perhaps surprising – fact that the South-West of England is the region that consumes the most alcohol!

19. Torbay

A small borough in Devon astonishingly has a high rate of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related hospital admissions.


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And here I thought that the big cities were the main issue! With things like this kind of thing up for grabs, no wonder drinking rates are on the up!

18. Norwich

There hasn’t been much action from the East of England, but Norwich is one place that does make the list!

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Norwich was named as one of England’s most dangerous places to drink, based purely on hospital admissions. Be careful out there!

17. Rochdale

Home of the much loved tv programme Waterloo Road, it seems the problems weren’t just on screen.

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Rochdale is another area where concerns have been raised about the amount of alcohol consumed, with measures being rolled out to try to reduce it.

16. Newcastle under Lyme

Another Newcastle, but this time in Staffordshire! Another unlikely town for alcohol problems, but the residents seem to be increasingly turning to booze.


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There must be something in the name Newcastle! They just love their alcohol!

15. Belfast

Northern Ireland has been recognised to have an alcohol problem, and Belfast is at the centre of this.

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There is not only a worry about young drinkers, but also about older people increasingly turning to drink.

14. Burnley

With a high rate of hospital admissions linked to alcohol, and a high proportion of people classed as binge drinkers, Burnley is a town that consumes a lot of alcohol!

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It may not be quite so renowned for its nightlife as Newcastle and Brighton, but it doesn’t seem to bother Burnley residents!

13. Plymouth

Tucked away in Devon, the locals put away a good amount of alcohol!

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In 2013 there were over 50,000 residents that were classed as high risk drinkers!

12. Cardiff

In 2016 Wales, was described as the binge drinking capital of the UK! Wales was also shown to have the lowest proportion of tee-totallers in the UK.




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Who would have though that Wales and its capital city would just miss out on the top ten?!

11. Glasgow

Around a quarter of Glaswegians drank more than the recommended units of alcohol per week, but it has consequences…

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This year, Scotland brought in a minimum unit price for alcohol to discourage heavy drinking. That means no more super cheap booze!

10. North and South Tyneside

There’s snow stopping these Tyneside residents when they want a drink!

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They certainly earn their nightlife reputation. And why not…

9. Barrow in Furness

Heading back to the Lake District, where the residents of Barrow enjoy a tipple (or two!).

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Perhaps more concerning is that there has been a rise in drug-related deaths over the last couple of years.

8. Nottingham

Nottingham is historically renowned for its high crime rate, but its residents also drink a lot of alcohol! Are the two related?


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Who knows… Although crime rates have dropped and Nottingham is now considered to be one of the best places to live in the UK! I mean, it has an ice bar, of course it is!

7. Chesterfield

Not far from Nottingham, Chesterfield also has a high rate of alcohol problems and particularly hospital admissions linked to alcohol.


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We wouldn’t like to see our A&E waiting rooms filled up with drunken messes every weekend, so pack it in please Chesterfield!

6. Salford

This is yet another place that is described as a binge drinking capital! How many can there be?!

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They also seemingly have the most number of alcoholics, with Salford providing 5 times more treatments than the national average! With a large number of people quitting alcohol, it may mean Salford will drop down this list soon…

5. Gateshead

To start off the top 5 where else would we go but the North East?!



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Alcohol harm in Gateshead in 2015/16 was estimated to cost the tax payer £80.6 million, to pay for damages and the strain on emergency services. Ouch.

4. Stoke-on-Trent

According to recent figures, 1 in 100 residents were admitted to hospital due to illnesses or injuries caused by alcohol.

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And I thought Stoke was just a quiet little place that made nice pottery!

3. Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough residents drink, and they drink a lot! Which is not always beneficial to their health…

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This town is one of the worst in the UK for alcohol-related hospital visits, crime and also binge drinking.

2. Sunderland

Yet another city in the North East, and this one was described as Britain’s drink death capital in 2012.


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Not a very cheery thought and Sunderland has fought back since then to reduce this figure!

1. Blackpool

Could there be any other choice for the top spot than Blackpool? Home of hen parties, stag dos, memorable night outs and the Blackpool Illuminations – these residents can certainly (or certainly can’t) handle their drink!


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