By Angie

12th February 2019

Celebrities have it all, right? Good looks, fame, money – sometimes, they just seem in a league above everyone else.

Tom Hardy is just pure perfection right? No deformities here, surely?

Believe it or not, though, celebrities are mere mortals just like the rest of us.

They have the same problems, the same woes and – sometimes – the same wonky toes.

Multi-coloured eyes, missing fingers, third (and sometimes fourth) nipples.

Celebs have their own abnormalities that, thanks to airbrushing and careful on-screen lighting, you may never have even noticed.

So prepare yourselves to be amazed as you uncover the quirky deformities that make each of our favourite celebrities unique…

23. Megan Fox – clubbed thumbs

With her near perfect looks, it’s easy to miss Megan Fox’s thumbs – unless you’re one of those people who has become obsessed with them, in which case you’ll know all about them.

Megan Fox is a beautiful actress

Megan Fox is one of many to have ‘clubbed thumbs’, more technically known as brachydactyly of the thumb. Clubbed thumbs is easier for everyone to say.

This is a genetic condition, characterised by one or both of the thumb nails being clubbed and the thumb being fat and round.

Her deformity isn’t really noticeable

Typically, the distal phalanx – or, the ‘end bit’ – of the thumb for people with clubbed thumbs is two-thirds the normal size.

The condition is sometimes known as murderer’s thumb, a name originally coined by gypsy fortune tellers.

The condition has a grizzly nickname

To Megan Fox’s online haters, however, the condition has come to be known simply as ‘toe thumbs’. This is a less glamorous name for the condition.

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