By Angie

15th February 2019

1. Holly was actually born in Brighton.

On the 10th February 1981 and her middle name is Marie. She attended a local independent private school for girls called Burgess Hill Girls School.

2. Holly is from a working class background.

She might live a nice fancy lifestyle now, but growing up, Holly’s parents were just normal people with normal jobs. Her mother was an air hostess and her father had a double glazing company. She has a sister called Kelly, who also works in the television business.

3. She’s recently developed a fear of flying.

She spoke about her fear to the doctors on This Morning recently.

4. Holly was just 14 when she was spotted by a model scout at the Clothes Show Live.

All the way back in 1995, Holly was at the Clothes Show Live with her mum and sister when she was spotted by a modelling scout.

She was signed up with Storm Model management and at the age of 17 was appearing in magazines such as Mizz, More and Just Seventeen. She went on to model for brands such as Pretty Polly.

5. Holly is married to TV producer Dan Baldwin.

The pair met when they were both working n the show Ministry of Mayhem, although Holly admitted she didn’t really fancy him at first.

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