By Nick

9th February 2019

Even though most women walk around as if they live this perfect life and nothing they do is weird or strange this is so far from the truth. Women are just much better at hiding things than men are and frankly they do a damn good job at it. We have been searching the internet looking for things that women do that are embarrassing but they just won’t admit it. That’s how this article came to life and let’s be honest here. Nobody is perfect and we all have our little or big things that we do that would make most people scratch their heads in disbelief but then they are not remembering the plank in their own eyes.

When someone does something different than others it doesn’t mean that they are a terrible person. It just means that they are human with their very own personality and us here at Daily Feed love to embrace individual personalities and say go for it! Be yourself 100% of the time and don’t let others bring you down just because you might look or act differently than others. I say all of this to say that this article is in no way attacking women and their quirkiness but rather to show the world that everyone does weird things and it’s okay to be different.

So without further ado let’s check out these things that woman do that won’t admit it unless you catch them directly in the act. Hey, a woman needs to uphold her perfectness! Enjoy and please share this with all of your friends.

1. We will wear the same bra and not wash it for a long time.

How long is that you might ask? I think if we told you then you might not hang around us anymore.

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But you have to admit that guys are not any different when it comes to their clothing! If it is not stinky to the nose why the need to wash the pesky bra?

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