By Joe Royle

11th February 2019

Well, with bikini season just around the corner, many women are not only striving for a beautiful body but also for a bikini to put it in. Also, these days, there are plenty of choices and yet, some women just can’t seem to find that perfect one!

Once you go through this list, you will wonder what these women must have been thinking when they decided to put these on and why they ever thought they looked good to begin with. Seriously, some of these are so bad that you wonder if they are joking when they do this. Even so, there’s nothing funny about poor fashion choices, especially when it comes to summer, fun and bikinis. See for yourself:

1. Goldfish bikini.

Image Source

Okay, it’s creative, I’ll give her that but it is also completely hideous! Not only are they heavy but they are not practical at all. How can you possibly go swimming in this? Unless you’re trying to set the goldfish free!

2. Butt crack alley.

Image Source

Not only does this look horrible but it also look extremely uncomfortable! I guess you can never win. Also, it appear that they made two of these! I can’t imagine why they thought these would look good on them.

3. Barely there.

Image Source

Okay, so this poor girl is attempting to keep her super small bikini top on when she should have just bought one that fit better because clearly, this on is about to go bye bye!


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