By Juliet Smith

14th February 2019

Everyone knows we shouldn’t be gobbling up too much sugar; we’ve known it since our parents cruelly withheld sherbet dips from us when we were kids…

But as well as dealing you Nanny Mcphee teeth and helping you on your way to becoming the next Bruce Bogtrotter – since sugar’s so damn delicious and life’s so damn unfair – the little white granules in ALL our favourite snacks could be affecting you other, more surprising ways too.

So, you’ve managed to kick that Ben-and-Jerrys-after-dinner habit; you’ve halved your custard cream intake; and as for Red Bull – what’s that again? There’s not a chance you’re eating too much sugar. Right?

Hmmm… Here are 15 signs that despite your best intentions, you might still be over-doing the whole sugar thing… *puts down oreos*

1. You’re waaay moodier than usual.

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Admit it – we all comfort eat. Who hasn’t laid on their sofa blubbing about how heartbroken they are all the while gobbling on a family-sized packet of Minstrels without even pausing for breath? No? Ah, ok – just me then.

Anyway, eating sugary foods can send your blood sugar levels soaring. But what comes up – yep – must come down. As they crash back down to earth, you can be left feeling craggier than ever.

2. Got a brand new wrinkle? It could be the sugar speaking.

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Let’s skip the science and get straight to the point. Sugar can cause your skin to age quicker, become stiff and more vulnerable to wrinkles. If the incentive of Jennifer Lopez-smooth skin is not worth skipping that tub of Ben and Jerry’s for, then enjoy your ice cream… ahem, Madge from Benidorm…

3. You might want to re-think that half-marathon…

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You might’ve just nailed a Kit-Kat Chunky but you’re going to the gym tonight to work it all off, right? Well, if you’re into looking after your body, sugar definitely won’t provide you with the nutrients that help you to exercise more efficiently nor get stronger, nor run faster, nor (there’s a bit of a theme here) recover quicker. STEP AWAY FROM THE KIT-KAT…

4. Acne that just won’t budge?

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Those pesky under surface spots – you know, the ones that come to play just moments before you bump into that cute guy from high school you’ve not seen in years? We all know the ones. Could they be down to sugar? Is the Pope Christian…?

5. You’re SO darn bloated.

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Ever gone from looking completely normal to appearing six months pregnant REAL QUICK? Cast your mind back a few seconds before to when you munched down that Wham! bar without even chewing it (seriously, that’s not normal).

6. Feeling hungry even after you’ve just eaten?

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Sugary treats might be utterly delicious but they digest rapidly, leaving you feeling absolutely starving and reaching for the biscuit tin once again. It’s a lose, lose.

7. You’ve been putting on some weight.

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We don’t mean to get personal, but…ahem… are you jeans feeling just a little bit tight round the belly? Well, those mid-afternoon chocolate digestives have got to go somewhere, don’t they?

Sugar causes weight gain. End of.

8. Things don’t taste as sweet as they used to.

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Ah, the old sugar nostalgia, ey? Let us give you an analogy we know you’ll be familiar with. The more you go out drinking, the higher your alcohol tolerance is right (aka the less lightweight you are)? Well, it’s the same when it comes to sugar, the more you consume, the more you’ll need to satisfy your sweet craving.

9. You’re always running out of energy.

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Work, work, work. Come on, weekend – SHOW YOUR FACE. Mustering enough energy to make it through your day is tough enough. That morning cup of coffee supplemented to four teamed sugars isn’t helping you, FYI.

10. Your brain gets foggy, particularly after a meal.

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As we explained, when you scoff a load of sugar, your blood sugar levels rise and then quickly crash down. Don’t worry, if you’re feeling very slightly foggy after a choccie bar, chances are you’ve not got concussion – you’ve just had too much.

11. You’ve got a few cavities.

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Here it is. *Cue your rather smug looking parents after they told you countless times to lay off the sugar so much as a child*. You’ve had one not-so-fun trip to the dentist’s chair too many. It’s just not worth the pain (literally).

12. The cravings have kicked in.

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You’re at work trying to concentrate, but you just can’t take your mind off that packet of custard creams in the office kitchen. We’ve all been there. It’s a vicious cycle.

But if you seriously can’t keep your wandering sweetie mind at bay, it’s time you started making cuts, BIG cuts. *Slowly puts the custard creams down*

13. You feel totally wiped out.

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If you’ve had breakfast with a sneaky sugary treat you might develop to intense urge to just cuddle up in a ball and head to bed. A jumbo bagel with jelly might be all that stands between you feeling ready to go and lethargically low…

14. You keep getting yeast infections.

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Yeast infections. We DO cringe when we think about them – even if three out of four of us women have or will have one in our lifetime. Let’s face it – they’re not fit for dinner table chat. If you suffer regularly from yeast infections and are guilty of over-consuming sugar – try cutting out the white stuff (we DEFINITELY mean sugar) for a bit.

15. Joint pain?

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Some studies have linked sugar intake to inflammation of the joints, swelling and stiffness. Try reducing your sugar load and seeing if sugar is the culprit- what’s the worst that can happen?


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