By Juliet Smith

14th February 2019

No matter what salon you to go, you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘just one inch off the end please‘ does NOT mean ‘just one inch off the end‘ to your hairdresser.

Seriously, what part are one inch don’t you understand? ARE WE SPEAKING DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!? Work with me here, Karen.

From mullet to infected hair follicles, we’ve all visited the salon and been dealt a haircut hand so bad that we’ve instantly retreated back to bed and vowed to never return to normal life until those weird new layers have grown back to a presentable length. Ladies and gents, you’re not alone.

So you think you’ve had bad hair days? Here are 11 times that hair has gone seriously, Monica-from-Friends-afro-levels of wrong…

1. ‘The Hair and the Mullet’

Image Source

“Sits me in the chair and proceeds to take 45 minutes to give me a trim. The haircut also gave me short straight bangs…like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber, you could see the acne on my scalp it was that bad… and she also gave me a mini-mullet in the back. Thanks.” 

2. ‘I did NOT ask for a fish bone perm…’

Image Source

“Went in for a body wave a month before my honeymoon. Stylist says, ‘Sure, no problem! I can do that!’ and proceeds to pull out teeny tiny fish-bone sized rollers. Rolls up my hair and leaves me sitting there, soaking in perming solution. After all the rollers were taken out, my hair is clearly not in a body wave – it’s in the tightest ’80s spiral perm imaginable. Tell the stylist this isn’t what I wanted, he says, ‘Don’t worry, this is just what it looks like at first! It’ll loosen up!’”


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