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15th February 2019

First Dates has been on our screens since 2013. We have absolutely fallen in love with watching the awkward few hours of a first date. Some of us have even applied.

But, what about the people behind the first dates? These guys bring a good 50% of the entertainment and the show just wouldn’t be the same without them.¬†Unsurprisingly, there are some secrets we don’t know about the lovely waiters, waitresses and bar tenders.

Those avid watchers of First Dates will know the names and backgrounds of all the staff that work at the restaurant. However they will need to have extreme addiction levels in order to know the secrets and information we have unearthed on them.

Firstly to meet the cast:

We have the Maitre’d Fred Sirieix. This lovely Frenchman leads the programme, welcoming all nervous singletons into the First Dates restaurant with his charming smile and lovely compliments. Fred is 45 years old and lives in Peckham, London.


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