By Juliet Smith

31st January 2019

We’ll do whatever it takes to get skin as smooth as Victoria Beckham’s, but WHAT!? Bird poo?! I would NEVER put that anywhere near my face…

Let’s be honest, we’ve got a lot to envy when it comes to A-listers. Their money, their fame, their looks, their wardrobes, just EVERYTHING. But while becoming rich and famous probably isn’t on the cards for normal folk like us, we might finally be able to get their glowing complexions.

Be warned: it doesn’t come cheap (and it’s certainly not pleasant).

Yep, celebs go to extreme lengths to stop the ageing process in its tracks; helping them to maintain their flawless complexions year after year. While most of us head down to our local drugstore for all of our skincare needs, VIPs have a plethora of (usually wacky) tricks up their sleeves to keep them looking younger for longer.

So here we are, delivering 40 bizarre skincare secrets that celebs have admitted to trying out in the name of a paparazzi-worthy complexion. From the ‘you’ll-need-a-mortgage-for-that’ to the downright painful, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be adventurous to try out one of these unconventional beauty treatments…

If you really needed an excuse to eat more potatoes… Olivia Munn credits them for preventing the anti-age process.

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Sandra Bullock uses hemorrhoid cream on her face…unusual! 

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