By Lewis Thelwell

28th November 2018

Your parents/flatmate/boyfriend are out for evening and you have the entire place to yourself.


It’s a pretty rare occasion to be left alone. What do you do with yourself? What do you eat? What do you watch on TV? …THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

Well, when us ladies are left to our own devices, one thing’s for sure…things are about to get pretty weird (to all the boyfriends out there: stop reading immediately – or continue, if you’re in the dog house and are inevitably after all the brownie points you can possibly acquire).

Nothing screams a ‘wild night’ more than a female home alone: full access to your shared wi-fi, food, alcohol, the telephone, the neighbour’s cat, your own thoughts (cue the faint memory of the time sl*ggy Sandra tried it on with your fella down the pub)…sh*t is about to get real.

But hey, at least we are all together in our weirdness…right?

It’s too relatable

You can bet every single girl do the things on this list.. It’s just who we are!

1. Tidy your room but get nostalgic about the first thing you find

Image Source

Right. I’m going to do it. I’m going to sort out my entire room of junk.

Awww this is the pencil I got from the time we visited the London Eye… Oh I can definitely finish the Rubix cube… aaaaand my room is just more of a mess.

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